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Restoration World Outreach Ministries Inc. (RWOMI) is indeed a ministry with a difference! We are a Five-Fold Ministry in accordance with Ephesians 4:11, and we believe in the Triune God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
RWOMI  is unique, in that we do not believe that church starts and end within the four walls,  nor does it function at specified times throughout the week.  We believe that we, the people of God, are the Church and as such we must extend ourselves to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18—20).
Our Vision is “To restore order to the Body of Christ and to the nations through the restoration of the Apostolic Doctrine, Prophetic Vision and the Five-Fold Ministry to the Church – this through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and our knowledge of the Word, bringing solutions to economic and social issues of our global society and ultimately win souls for Christ.”
As a Five-fold Ministry, one element of our vision is to help as many people as possible to know their calling in the Body of Christ; and help to empower each person to function as an active contributor their own development and the development of others.  Our teachings are based on Biblical principles.   
We also teach people from all walks of life about Biblical Economics which includes Seedtime & Harvest and how the natural relates to the spiritual matters.  We also give Prophetic Advice and give counsel to the Abused.  We advise both Churches and Secular Organizations!
We currently have several branches throughout Florida and New York.
We also have other branches in Jamaica, Canada, Kenya, Africa and Colombia.
This organization means business!  Through our assistance, and programs we have made a great impact in the lives of many.
We feed over 2000 persons on a monthly basis in Miami
We feed, and clothe persons also in Homestead, Palm Bay, and New York
We have been carrying out Missions persons in Jamaica, Africa and Colombia
We have an active prison ministry, in which we use our chaplains
We have been counseling rape and abuse victims in different areas.
We train and certify Chaplains to service to hospitals, prisons and other organizations.
We visit homes and hospitals upon request of persons in need
We have even reached out to small business in our chaplain services
We have 3 Radio Ministry Programs – 2 in Florida and 1 in New York.  (WAVS in Davie, WBIG in Fort Lauderdale, and Linkage Radio in New York.)  Many have been empowered, restored and given a second chance to achieve greater.
We also reach persons through our print media - Our Apostolic Times, Magazines, Direction Magazine, RWOMI’s Hands and all the books written by both Apostle Steve Lyston and Pastor Michelle Lyston.
We have donated numerous books by other authors, CDs and DVDs to Schools here in the USA and internationally.
We offer training through RWOMI Training Institute and School of the Prophets – Recognized by the State of Florida’s Department of Education – as a religious institution
We also offer Leadership training via telephone and online every Monday and Thursday
We have been to Canada, Columbia and Jamaica and other states throughout the USA restoring lives.
We have held numerous seminars and workshops dealing with Family Issues, Marital Matters, Poverty Eradication, Human Trafficking, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Health and Wellness; Youth Seminars, Issues Affecting Women and Children, Media, Sustainable Development, and Education to Small Businesses.  We have also had Youth Retreats, Drama and Dance Workshops.
We offer degree programs through our joint venture with Jacksonville Revelation Message Bible College and Jacksonville Theological Seminary. You go online through RWOMINetwork.com and find out more
RWOMI Participated in MACY’s Shop For A Cause and the Caribbean Expo both held in Palm Bay Florida
RWOMI participated in Jamaica 50 th Celebration in New York
RWOMI is an accredited NGO with the largest world accredited organization.  We have mission trips to different parts of the world every year.


For 2014, we need to increase our capacity to feed the hungry, clothe the poor and help the less fortunate in any way we can.  So we will need:
A building to house and store our resources and also as a base for counseling and restoring the people we reach.
Vehicles to transport food and equipment needed to help the homeless.
To pay 4 teachers in Colombia and 4 in Kenya – US$350 per teacher per month so that they can continue to educate the children
To pay doctors US$500 per month to assist in the villages in Colombia
4 generators
4 mobile clinics for Kenya and 1 mobile clinic for Colombia
Water tanks and water purification tablets for Kenya and Colombia
Medication especially for persons with HIV and Diarrhea
Educational items and computers
Access to avenues that can assist and empower the Youth to be active contributors to their communities and to shaping their future
Volunteers such as nurses, doctors, educators and businessmen to come on Missions with us and help train people for Sustainable Development and empowering them on how to start and maintain a small businesses.
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