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Economic Development

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There are different levels and kinds of famine that take place globally - a severe shortage of food, shortage of money, for example - and they can be caused by many issues such as a war, a drought, diseases, infestations and all of that can trigger significant increases in prices and costs of production. Recession and economic fallout can also result in famines. So, for example, a stock market crash can trigger a famine.

Throughout the Bible, and particularly in the book of Genesis, there are several instances of famine. Some came about as an effect of God's anger due to sin; other instances of famine came about because man failed to seek God to manage and govern nations well. Yet other instances of famine came about because some businesses refused to promote economic equality and fair distribution of resources; some came about to stir up and mobilise God's people for them to put plans in place to help others affected in other regions. (Acts 11: 28; Genesis 41: 45 - 57). READ MORE

Everyone wants to see the general improvement of living standards of each individual.  In order to achieve Economic Development, first we must look at Human Development - harnessing the skills, gifts and talents of individuals.  We need to modify our education system to support and encourage those who are less academically inclined and are more artistic or technical.   

We need to cut down on certain infrastructure and begin to invest in various equipment for better economic development.

While most are moving away from an agricultural base, we must remember that everything to create wealth comes from the ground.  Trees, fruits, oil, gold, diamonds and precious and water as well as other disease-curing items come from the ground and we need to create an environment where new equipment can be designed and developed to allow for better cost to the public.  Tax needs to be removed from the cost of solar panels, tractors, trailer, fertilizer, farming tools and equipment.  

Every Government Department must set up an Agency to create policies and deal with new investments.

Internet needs to be cheaper for rural areas, more affordable smart phones and other technology and find cheaper ways to create films and produce music.
There needs to be a new way of thinking going forward.
RWOMI has been developing plans and guidelines for economic development and has also been empowering various individuals to bring out their gifts and talents.  We have been encouraging many who are designers who have great inventions which can change the landscape of innovation.
Surprisingly many of the poorer nations do not have a plan for Economic Development and as such, they do not have a plan for true growth.

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