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TACTICS AND STRATEGIES FOR THE FAMINE: For Individuals, Businesses, Governments & NGOs 
Tactics and Strategies for the Famine discusses global issues, particularly national and global economics and the worldwide recession, from a biblical perspective, and from that point they remain real, current, and relevant, but not devoid of hope. This book allows readers to see things from a different angle and lets them know that hope, change, and viable solutions are within reach. This book contains simple language to explain the otherwise daunting topics while providing scriptural references.

In His Presence: Maintaining the Presence of God Through Worship 
In His Presence this book has been written to help its readers to enter into a deeper understanding of the importance and benefits of worshiping the Triune, Living God. It has the potential to help its readers recognize, even to the smallest degree, how real God is and how close He is to us and our circumstances and His capacity to do so while He orchestrates the activities of the entire universe. This is not the final word on worshiping God, but it has the potential to help those who are willing to understand more about the value of God's Presence in our lives and want to develop a stronger, more meaningful relationship with Him.

Prayer Works!
Apostle Steve Lyston Prayer Works! -
"The power of prayer has been a well-know and well-documented fact since man's dawn. Many great men-warriors, Kings and men of great renown-and even hardened crimials have proven that Prayer Works! Whether we are praying for others or for a breakthrpugh in tough cirumstances, we have proven at some point in our lives that rayer Works"

Man, Money Ministry Paperback – June 5, 2009
by Apostle Steve Lyston (Author)

The New Millionaire: Biblical Secrets to Making Millions and Keeping it!
The New Millionaire exposes and explains the secret of all secrets that come directly from God's Word, regarding the earthly wealth that exists, how to acquire and maintain it, making you the New Millionaire!

End-Time Finance: God's Guide for You, Your Business, Your Church and Your Nation
End Time Finance is a fascinating synergy of divine revelation from God through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and the life experiences of a man determined to answer the Call of God on his life and do his part in helping to build the Kingdom of God! End Time Finance addresses issues such as the value of diligence in investment, different levels of seed, how to execute your God-given vision, how to avoid bankruptcy, business and politics, gambling, Leviathan and our finances, why nations are under a financial curse, the Solomonic principle, and the importance and power of vows!

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