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Poverty Eradication

This is an area that is closest to our heart at RWOMI! We have been feeding approximately 500 people on a weekly basis in Miami, FL alone. In addition to this we take groceries to the homes of those who have nothing at home. We issue clothes, blankets and coats to those in need – often on the streets. But beyond feeding the people, we teach them to fish. On our various missions we teach groups of people how to use their natural resources to make items for daily use, including dishwashing detergents, bath soap and shampoo, as well as bricks for building. We also teach them how to make costume jewelry.

We have hosted seminars on Money Management and Biblical Economics, and have carried out Financial Counseling, Family Counseling, Crisis Counseling and refer the people to other NGO’s or other organizations that deal with other areas of need. We hand out literature and write articles for newspapers overseas. Further to this, we have created a Humanitarian Handbook to assist people with different services. We ship food and items of clothes overseas as the need arise. We are on the verge of partnering with other UN Bodies for training and to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals.

We continually seek for partners to assist us through donations of every kind. We also need vehicles such as Buses and RV’s as well as Cots, Tents and Containers to become mobile distribution centers.

Feeding Clothing In Miami FL, & Kenya
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